The Anondo Fund

Anonymous Donation

We’re building a quick and easy way for donors to send completely anonymous, private donations to any registered charity or nonprofit in the US.

The process is as easy as filling out a short donation form. We will take care of everything else!




The AnonDo Fund supports the privacy and choices of all donors. Simply choose any registered charity or nonprofit and we will send the donation on your behalf completely anonymously. Keep the impact of your donation, eliminate unwanted attention.


The AnonDo Fund is run by an independent Board of Directors including nonprofit/philanthropic leaders, legal professionals, business executives, and family-run company directors from the United States and Europe – all unified by the common goal of protecting donor privacy.
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We want to provide everyone the chance to give back within the level of privacy that they are comfortable with. We do not sell or give away any personal data of any donors, or flood your inbox with emails.

AnonDo Fund

What is it?

The AnonDo Fund is a nonprofit organization (awaiting tax-exempt status as of mid 2021) that operates a unique donor advised fund.

The Fund

The AnonDo Fund is able to take in donations from donors and send them to other registered charities/nonprofit organizations as a one-stop-shop.

The AnonDo Fund supports the choices of all donors.

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