About the Anondo Fund

This post will focus on the mission of the AnonDo Fund. Please also check out this post for an easy-to-follow explanation of a donor advised fund (DAF) and how it works (the AnonDo Fund operates a DAF).

Mission Behind The AnonDo Fund

Simply put – there was not an easy way for people and companies to send truly private, anonymous donations to the causes they want to support. Leveraging the power of the Silent Donor anonymous donation platform, we wanted to create a new way for people to give back privately by starting our own registered 501(c)(3) organization that was built specifically to shield the identity of donors who want to send donations to charities and nonprofits.

We noticed, especially since 2020, more and more people want to take back their privacy. There are many reasons why people like to remain anonymous when they donate, ranging anywhere from a donor’s religious practices, the desire to avoid future solicitations from organizations, donor humbleness, and just the simple desire to maintain one’s privacy to the extent to which they find acceptable.

Adding to this, to a level never-before-seen, people and companies are constantly being watched and judged in their philanthropic efforts. It also doesn’t help when you donate to a charity and get stuck receiving endless emails, texts, and fliers in your mailbox – sometimes for years!

The social media era helps proliferate an ethos of “cancel culture” that has gripped the US and introduces pressures around the globe, which has made people and companies apprehensive about where they choose to donate. If someone who opposes the recipient of your donation finds out (or finds out that you gave “too little” relative to an estimated/made-up net worth), you or your company can be subject to a fierce and relentless public cancelling to the detriment of your career, your company’s bottom line, and even your personal safety. Even if none of that happens to you, just the fact that the possibility of ‘being cancelled’ exists has more donors than ever looking for more private, anonymous means through which they can support the causes they care about. Backlash for donating to the “wrong” organization is at an all-time high. We wanted to help eliminate this problem by offering donors a chance to give back fully privately through our donor-advised fund. No longer will donors have to fear any reprisals for giving to the causes they believe in, which we believe will bring greater benefits to many organizations and the people’s lives they help improve.

The AnonDo Fund (and our donation technology partner Silent Donor) are unique institutions in that they both have been built from the ground-up with a single goal in mind: to preserve and maintain the privacy of donors. Privacy is protected above all else and remains our obsession. We empower donors to give back with the level of privacy they are comfortable with.

***Please note : we are prohibited by US law from making any donations to United States political candidates, parties, campaigns, PACs, or Super PACs at any level.